Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becoming a recession proof grad

Well I was reading my normal blog websites, waiting for the work day to end.. and I stumbled upon a great article/video about how to become a Recession Proof Graduate. This caught my interest as this is what I'm struggling with. I gives advice on how to "Rapidly advance your career and work on things that you are interested in" all at the same time. Choices and opportunities in my life have blessed me with ways to follow what he suggests. Aka Work for a bunch of people. Seek tons of opportunities that interest you.

I've been so interested in my working on PCI Compliance for the family business that I've learned things that apply to protect clients for my day job. Of huge interest to me is network and computer security. Where does PCI Compliance fall? Most businesses have looked to obtaining the base compliance because of budget constraints or lack of knowledge; while, not even seeing the true reason for the regulations. To secure your network and protect YOUR brand image and business. On my own free time, I've been focusing, where this guy says recent grads should focus, on my personal interests. Doing it for FREE in my personal time. Doing so has made me more profitable and given me necessary skills and confidence in those skills in real world opportunities. I'm passionate about what I've been learning, so much so that I stay up late thinking about different options and the inherent implications. Now it has lead to other opportunities to gain skills in those things that I'm passionate about with extra training and certifications, and I'm sure it will blossom into greater things in the future. That is how you become a recession proof grad. Being creative and seeking out opportunities to do things you are passionate about in your free time. For those who are interested the video is embedded below.

How to become a recession proof grad