Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becoming a recession proof grad

Well I was reading my normal blog websites, waiting for the work day to end.. and I stumbled upon a great article/video about how to become a Recession Proof Graduate. This caught my interest as this is what I'm struggling with. I gives advice on how to "Rapidly advance your career and work on things that you are interested in" all at the same time. Choices and opportunities in my life have blessed me with ways to follow what he suggests. Aka Work for a bunch of people. Seek tons of opportunities that interest you.

I've been so interested in my working on PCI Compliance for the family business that I've learned things that apply to protect clients for my day job. Of huge interest to me is network and computer security. Where does PCI Compliance fall? Most businesses have looked to obtaining the base compliance because of budget constraints or lack of knowledge; while, not even seeing the true reason for the regulations. To secure your network and protect YOUR brand image and business. On my own free time, I've been focusing, where this guy says recent grads should focus, on my personal interests. Doing it for FREE in my personal time. Doing so has made me more profitable and given me necessary skills and confidence in those skills in real world opportunities. I'm passionate about what I've been learning, so much so that I stay up late thinking about different options and the inherent implications. Now it has lead to other opportunities to gain skills in those things that I'm passionate about with extra training and certifications, and I'm sure it will blossom into greater things in the future. That is how you become a recession proof grad. Being creative and seeking out opportunities to do things you are passionate about in your free time. For those who are interested the video is embedded below.

How to become a recession proof grad

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Back..

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, but life has gotten crazy! Work, work, work.. I've seemed to fall under the wave of on call, and driving to customer's sites, but I have emerged from the shroud of work, and life is wonderful. I had that epiphany last night, after I went dancing at a Heber Valley Singles Wards activity. I get to choose how I view life, and it depends on my attitude, no matter what life throws at me. For the longest time, I've struggled living in Heber, even though I love this place. The lack of friends and options lead me to search elsewhere, but I'm finding there are some awesome people here. That doesn't mean, I'll be staying in Heber for much longer, but I've realized that I just need to enjoy life and build strong relationships wherever I'm at because there is always someone you can touch. Whether that involves, sharing the gospel or just being a helping hand in someone's time of need. I've been blessed to be the strong, supportive foundation for my family over the last few months, and God has blessed me for it. Life is wonderful, and the next time that you look at life and feel overwhelmed or stressed or feel that you just can go on another day; try and see the little things in everyday that God is sending you to strengthen you up. Two of my best friends are leaving on missions within the next month. The first's farewell is tomorrow, but this week Heaven sent me a little blessing. Randomly, we ran into each other at lunch. A final time to say hello before we both go our separate ways in life. That is a blessing. Meeting new people is a blessing. Callings in church are blessings. Life is a blessing. Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So in the mail today, I get a pretty much boring envelope from somewhere back east, so I'm thinking Junk Mail right? But I decided that every good mystery letter should have a chance right, so I open it and lol and behold it's a check from BestBuy.. with a random letter stating how they had charged me the wrong sales tax back in January and were returning my money... wow a business doing something honest... Best part is how much the check is made out for... $1.10.... I think it cost more to write the letter and mail it than the amount the check is for.. so lesson of the day... bigger question is should I cash it or frame it?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Offically a menace

Hey World this one's going to be short because it's um 1:00 in the morning but here we go. I just couldn't leave an opportunity to share my feeling about how awesome of friends I have. They really are my support in life so I want to send a shout out to all those awesome people in my life that have done so much! You all know who you are and if I've forgotten to tell you or I haven't done it in a while I just want you all to know that I think you're pretty amazing!

Well menaceship has it's perks I'm starting to find out. Birthdays always bring a special feeling especially with facebook and texting these days. Friend who are miles away can catch up with ya and wish ya a special day. haha great times. now it's on to the special age where it's time to live life to it fullest while searching heavily for that significant other haha. insurance premiums go down because for some reason they think you're Responsible and an Adult haha but i feel like there's still that little boy inside me that never wants to grow up. wow the perspective of life each year brings. sorry if this seems like nostalgia for younger years but I truly believe that I've had a wonderful life and it just keeps getting better each and every day and year!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Well blogging world how the heck are you doing? Life here on the Marko side has been rather bumpy but we're making it along. haha Oh there's so much that could be expressed through word and feeling to the world yet somethings are probably best left unsaid.. but I will say this life is finally looking up. As Walt Disney once said: "KEEP MOVING FORWARD" has become the catch phrase that I live by as well as this video on youtube. Embrace this day with an enthusiastic welcome no matter how it looks! Wow what inspiring words. God has been with me through the struggles of the past 4 years and now the dark mists are starting to clear. It has been my time to learn and grow as I move into adulthood. 22 days are left before I gain my menaceship in society and I can no longer can hide behind the curtain of youth. Coming upon the quarter of a century mark brings with it nostalgia for younger years yet a bright hope for a future that is to be conquered like a mountain. God is preparing me and you and everyone for greatness if only we will let him steer us by His Spirit in the direction he wants.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Of baby showers, stake conference and life in general...

Wow what a day... so today was stake conference and something i figure i want to remember for a long time.. stake pres gets up and is telling about his boyhood job picking greenbeans and his desire to break the record for a bag of beans. well right when he's getting to the point and the climax the organist slips and hits the organ adding emphasis to the message but taking away moment with laughter lasting for 5 minutes. then tonight guys don't give me too much crap but i went to a baby shower for my sister.. kinda a weird and being a guy i don't quite understand it other than a great way to get presents but i understand that its a girl thing haha so explanation it was a "family party" with a baby shower included. It was almost a family reunion though some of those people i only see once a year at the reunion. the food was great, the company awesome, the baby shower weird but all in all its been a good day! oh and a final technology note as i'm a nerd i got my phone to be a wifi hotspot sweet! haha

Thursday, January 28, 2010

keeping busy

Well as this world economy is going to pot and the president is running the nation into the ground with his spending crap, I'm having to find interesting ways to keep myself busy. college life is gone and now I'm at the jumping off point in my life where the world is before me and the standard model of waking up in the morning, going to class, coming home doing homework, and going to bed has been replaced with a whole lot of time to work on my own things, ie work and recreational activities. Within the last month, I've worked on finishing my family's websites to keep myself busy. and have become my brain children and occupied many a night with new ideas and have caused drowsy eyes the next morning. Wow life outside of school is crazy...